Black Rocks Art


Black Rocks Art

Artist - Artists of Tenerife

Creating enjoyment and enlightenment through art

Black Rocks Art on BTC:

“As an artist I find it really hard to drag myself away from painting and sketching to think about selling. BTC introduced me to woocommerce though and I’ve found that pretty easy to use and it doesn’t take too much time away from my real passion.

I didn’t just want to sell my paintings. I wanted my customers to know about the thought that had gone into my work. So I really liked BTC’s suggestion of a ‘in progress’ photo blog for each piece of work, so that I could get that across to the customer.

I wasn’t sure about investing in a website, so BTC helped me to develop what they called a ‘splash page’ so I could test out whether it’d be worth spending more. As it turns out it was but it was good to know that first.”

What we did:

We have helped Black Rocks Art not only think about creative networks in terms of their marketing but have also identified how he could create his own grassroots artist movement through the use of digital channels.

We’ve also supported him understand ecommerce and social media platforms like Twitter. We’ve gone as far as doing screen recorded tutorials as he isn’t present in the UK to be able to do face-to-face.

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