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Shaping fun and innovative approaches to learning

Ross on BTC:

“BTC made me really think about the visual elements of what I do, the costumes, the performances and helped me to get that across in my website…

The story maker tool they helped me to build has also been great for new leads and it’s helped me to develop some really interesting new education story telling experiences with new customers.

Like they say, they’re more than just website developers, they’ve taken their time to understand what it is I do and they know I think more visually too, so working with them on Pinterest to better show them what I wanted was a really clever way of doing things. ”

What we did:

We have helped Ross to identify events throughout the year and networks that he can get involved in that will help not only his business but the storytelling movement across the UK.

We used an interactive contact form to encourage his clients to start developing their educational workshop requirements by getting them to think about some basic questions. This has helped Ross to deliver a better product and service to his customer.

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