We support community groups, grassroots movements and not-for-profits by offering free digital help.

We salute you social impact makers

We’ve worked with lot’s of not-for-profits (charities, CICs, community groups) on a wide variety of digital solutions, from online impact assessment right through to CRM development. We do more than just websites.

We also understand that cost can be an issue. We can help you to design and build your digital solution and we keep costs lower by using Open Source technologies. The other way we can help is by building in phases. By doing these development ‘mini hops’ you can pay in a more affordable way when you have the funds available.

As we’ve a good knowledge of the Third Sector, we can also advise on platforms that might be more suitable for your organisation’s outcomes, for example, identifying existing solutions that are designed for what you do.

For example, a platform like is a great tool for helping community groups to become ‘visible’ and might be a better solution for some of you than a website build.

We’re invested in making sure you get the right solution to support your organisation.

We can also support to look for sources of local or national funding to support your digital project. It’s important to us that not for profits are enabled to do digital.

What we do

Starting out Right

Get the most out of your new website.

Create a digital marketing strategy

Create Market Test Pages

Design and Make

Do more than just drag-and-drop.

Design | Build | Test a new website

Create website copy


Take control of your digital marketing.

One-to-One | Group | Webinar


Letting you concentrate on doing what you do.

Hosting | Website Maintenance | Futureproofing

What can we do for you?